About the School

Learning real estate is not about memorizing theories. By applying real life cases to real estate theories and concepts, students can grasp complicated concepts easier. That is the Centermac way, and it works!

Students will be provided with 3 textbooks – Real Estate Principles, Practice, and Property Management. All classes are audiotaped for students and students will be provided with supplemental study and test preparation materials for the exam.

Students pursuing a full-time career in real estate will have the unique opportunity to be immediately put in a special program unlike any program that is offered by our competitors. These students can participate in coaching sessions to learn how to generate and convert sales, attend knowledge-based webinars to broaden their real estate knowledge what textbooks provide them, and attend technology-based trainings to learn how to use Zipforms, AIR forms and other related tools.

Upon completion of training and passing their pre-exam, students will have the option to become a practicing salesperson the moment they pass their state exam and join the growing Centermac team of agents lead by industry veterans.



“One or the best decisions made by me. Kenny Tan, my mentor and instructor, has explained the course with real time scenarios that are based on his practice and experience as a real estate broker as well as a real estate attorney. I will recommended his class to everyone who want to start their career in real state.” –Bala K

“Some friends told me just read the book and I will pass the exam, but I ended up taking the class with a friend anyway. I am so glad I did!! Because Kenny is a very experienced real estate lawyer and broker, he was able to explained the concepts with a lot of real life examples, which were not provided by the book. Even though it was a bit far drive to take the class on Saturday, it was well worth it! I definitely recommend him to anyone wants to take real estate class! ” – Kay Z.

“Mr. Tan conducted the lectures in a very clear and organized way, making the concepts easy to grasp. I’m feeling much more confident about taking the license exam after taking the course. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to pass the exam at one attempt attend the school!!!! – Cornelia Y.

“I chose Centermac as a school for my real estate class because I learnt that the teacher is a professional real estate lawyer. He is qualified person that I want to learn about the real estate industry. In any learning, I want to learn from the real professional in its field and learn from the right person so I can be professional in the field I am in. Kenny taught and explain the principles of real estate together with the examples and real cases he met. He translate some term into Chinese which I don’t really understand in English. I like the recording he sent to student that I can listen and review to prepare for my test. I would gladly refer him to anyone who wanted to learn real estate and who wanted to sit for exam. With the recording and the practice and answer he gave, I am confident that I can pass the exam.Thank you Kenny! “– Alice C.

“When I started to be interested in real estate, I searched many resources to better understand this field, Of course, going to school is the earliest way to learn. However, most schools give you lots contents for passing exam only, and this is not the way when you meet the troubles in the future. What I wanna learn is getting more knowledge from practical cases study. Kenny is the instructor in Centermac and also a professional attorney in Real estate who could share his REAL cases and how to handle them . so, there is no reason not to choose Centermac as my learning choice” . – P Chen.

“Kenny is an instructor very well versed in the BRE examination material through successfully instructing several classes (in excellent English) of students through the process, as well as through decades of experience in real estate law. He also gives significant support to former students as well if they run into any odd cases.” -David K.

“I took the class for Principles of Real Estate with Kenny Tan at Centermac and completed the course recently. I find Kenny’s classes refreshing, comprehensive and his method of teaching is very thorough and easy to understand. He is a great teacher and very knowledgeable and he makes it easy for students to understand the concepts as he provides real examples and discusses different scenarios. He is a very experienced teacher and I am glad that I took this course.” -Monica M.